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Magento 2.0 Key Updates

Magento 2.0 new footstep for furnishing smart and flexible eCommerce platform for business of different sizes. It makes its stand on latest and up-to the minute technology stack which enables to incorporate better with third party solutions and is more accessible and open to front-end developers.

Magento 2.0’s is a vital step for offering scalability, greater performance, and modularity through the platform. The merchants or the clients will attain faster deployments, simplified upgrades and faster time to value also fastens the ease of implementation

Even Magento 2.0  is in its improvisation phase, We know the Magento lovers are zealously waiting to seize the minute gossips about it.

“Don’t speak ill of your predecessors or successors. You didn’t walk in their shoes.” I know this phrase contradicts here hence Magento 2.0 is in the same shoe. But I just wanna convey you the message that – A good comparison with predecessor version will always helps to formulate a better knowledge about the present set-up.

Easier front-end development

Although still in expansion phase, Magento 2.0 endow with a unique set of improved front-end approaches compared to its predecessor Magento 1.X.  Also the developers can easily get in to it with the key improvements including better separation of the presentation layer from business logic, using the LESS CSS pre-processor, and using modern HTML 5 themes. .

There are also noteworthy changes to overall layout manipulation, file structure and bestows an initiative to Magento UI library heavily based on LESS pre-processor with built in compiler. All these features are combined together   to delivers specific system requirements and thereby to acquire maximum reach to the respective clients

Modern Tech Stack

Tech stack assimilation, including JQuery and the latest versions of PHP, CSS, HTML 5   – notable improvisation in the new release, offers a better starting point for the Magento lovers.

High code quality & testing

Magento 2.0 track continuous improvement, continuous deployment (CICD) /automated testing practices to achieve improved code base quality

Testing framework of  Magento 2.0 comprise  a series of test scripts for users which enable them to determine the impact of code changes at various stages of site implementation. This series includes tests for integration, units, static environments, functional areas, and performance criteria.

Streamlined Customization                              

To open up new spheres in the field of eCommerce, customization process is streamlined. The layout manipulation in the previous Magento versions was not an easy task for those who have only limited technical knowledge .But the new version came up with the solution for this and makes it clear for the newbie even.

Magento 2.0 includes a modularized search interface and layered navigation so it is easier to customize search functions. The new Visual design editor, will provides with straight forward design system and ease to use ‘drag and drop’ interface which there by permit every merchant to modify blocks and containers with no substantial effort.

Improved performance & Scalability :

Magento 2.0 improves native performance and scalability to meet the challenging needs of potential merchants. It will incorporate all features of the preceding Magento versions as well as having the new possibilities for serving more to its customers.

Advanced indexers: New indexers possess the same functionalities as the earlier enterprise versions, but it’s been equipped to bring faster query performance and more efficient updates.

It also consists of Magento performance toolkit and Varnish cache to optimize the scope of scalability and performance. The system performance can verify through a new set of performance scripts

Multiple admin users:  Core improvements in the admin site allow for more admin users to create and update products while reducing data conflicts.

Better engagement with the society

Yet another advantage of Magento 2.0 is better engagement with the community. A better connect with the community will opened up since it enables to carry out webinars special events etc

Reduced upgrade costs and efforts

Upgrading core Magento software and extensions will be easier than with lower upgrade costs and efforts. It includes information on versioning policies, to support the developer upgrade new version easier with the support of new standalone installer, installing Magento 2.0 will be much faster. This tool will check for prerequisites before starting installation.

Component oriented module Structure

Magento 2.0 comprises a set of modules with a high coupling code which provides merchants with an option to enable disable or replace the components according to their needs.

Directories Structure

There are significant changes made in the structure of directory. Magento 2.0 brings in a new directory called “pub” and it will contain whole data available for publicity . This will provides the developer with a better and precise view of structure

Magento all lessen the number of root directories so as to make a faster store management. Certainly, this system is more convenient than the previous versions, where numerous files are divided among the system. Also, shop owners can able to leave their Magento application files outside of web server document root.

The greatest advantage of Magento 2.0

                                                 ‘Initiative of  Magento UI  library’

Magento 2.0 put forward an absolute UI library build up on LESS to meet the definite and precise system requirements. The motive behind opting LESS over other pre-processors is because Magento 2.0 comes with internal compiler to compile CSS directly from PHP. This will definitely, speed up development and allow developers to focus just on file editing/production.

UI Library itself provide tons of mixins (vertical rhythm, @font-face .etc) and a huge set of predefined variables to make the process more intuitive and less demanding for a fronted developer.

The launch of a worthy platform for giving a complete eCommerce solution is about to happen soon. There is no doubt about the fact that Magento 2.0 is a significantly advanced system in all aspects when compared to its predecessor.
Tuesday, 18 August 2015
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Why WordPress a better choice?

‘Blogging’ is the first thing that comes to our mind when we hear “WordPress”. Definitely WordPress can be used to create blogs, but its actual capability is not limited in blogging. It is the most popular and very user-friendly CMS (Content Management System) and can be mainly used for creating websites. But the general definition of WordPress as a mere “Blogging system” keeps a lid on the actual strength of WordPress. It actually gives ground for new evolution of websites and what makes WordPress so attractive is it’s customization feature.

Whenever a choice for WordPress comes, many of us have a couple of delusions to clear up. Now we are gonna figure out some common misconceptions, let’s have a look at why WordPress is notable than traditional websites and other content management systems.

Better than Other CMS

While CMS like Joomla is still around, developers prefer WordPress since Joomla is less user friendly and not consistent compared to WordPress. Joomla is similar to WordPress, using PHP and HTML, but it has limited free templates and setup is somewhat complex. Joomla is GOOD but WordPress is GREAT.

Save Money 

As it enables you to make the edits in your website, WordPress is the best way to save money that you would have paid for the developer.

Greater Accessibility

If you have a computer with internet access you can make the changes in a website without any additional software.


Plugins in WordPress provide improved performance, Search Engine Optimization and better user experience. Many developers are working hard to make interactive plugins for WordPress. But using too many plugins will affect the compatibility of websites.

Better Time Management

We can schedule post on a WordPress website to publish it on a date as per our wish.

Speed of Communication

Website visitors will get most current updates since the content can be changed promptly by someone who owns it.

Social Networking Friendly

New blog in WordPress websites will automatically integrate with social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

Ultimate in SEO Friendliness

There are two reasons which make WordPress websites SEO friendly. First WordPress blog code is consistent and streamlined. There is no excessive HTML code which is very inviting for indexing. Second, we can customize every page with the right set up. Frequent contributing to the website will attract search engines.

RSS Feeds

RSS (Real simple Indication) referred to as news feeds. If we want to keep track of updates on our websites RSS is the best choice.

Growth Potential

Navigation or links to new pages will be added automatically based on the categories we assigned for those pages.

Improved Security 

WordPress sites can be hacker-proofed more securely than the traditional websites if only the right people were involved in the set up of WordPress installation.

Two-Way Communication with Visitors

Two-way communication with visitor is possible through blog comments in WordPress. Inclusion of keyword phrases in the comments will help to build better search positioning.

Increase Your Perceived Industry Authority 

Publishing posts frequently and presenting the website with fresh ideas is helpful to make better bonding with the audience.

This is probably not an all inclusive list. One can enjoy more benefits from using WordPress. We can easily add audios and videos to pages. Editing and adding new pages & images are easy as in MS Word. I hope now you realize why WordPress is a better choice and you should also know that Redback specializes in this area of website development and our developers know the ins and outs of WordPress. If you are looking for a website with the facility of updating it frequently, please consider using WordPress. There are many CMS systems available other than WordPress. But so far WordPress wins the competition. If you are conscious about saving time & money, SEO and free CMS WordPress is the best option. Let’s get started.
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Catch up with the pace in Web Designing

No matter how much technology has improved, it would be disappointing if the same growth is not reflected in the creative side of the story. Technology is significant, but it shouldn’t overshine the idea. A design is actually a means of creating an artistic impression about your product or services on internet. So spotting and applying the current trends to your design work is very essential for adding more potential clients to your list.

Let’s go with the pace of this generation to engrave new standards in designing. Here I’m about to discuss the new techs and trends in visual aesthetics.

Flat Design- Just another passing trend?

The name Flat Design is originated from the shapes used in this design method that are simply flat and applies a specific two dimensional approach. In this technique nothing is added to the elements to make them realistic. Flat design is trending right now by giving a unique ambiance and appearance without embellishment. Simple design is one of its pretty distinct characteristics. Elements used in this design are simple and easy to click or Tap. So communication becomes uncomplicated. Typography is highly significant since the design and design elements are simple. Flat designs are much brighter compared to other sites.

 We don’t know whether it’s a lasting trend or a passing fad. Anyway the designing community just can’t stop talking about it and most designers tried this trend in some of their works.

Full Screen Background Images & Videos

Captivating the minds of website visitors is vital for the success of your business. Full screen image or video will play a major part in the design lexicon to add an attractive quotient. The latest technologies and techniques allow a smoother and easier loading of full screen background and videos. It is the best way to capture the attention of visitors and create an immersive experience. While a user land on the homepage, full screen background and image definitely gives a high impact. But the designer should ensure the relevance of the video in that website before using it in a site.

Parallax Scrolling Sites

Parallax scrolling is yet another emerging trend in web designing. By definition, Parallax is the angle formed between two different lines of sight of an object’s apparent positions. In many websites parallax scrolling is used to bring the illusion of a 3-Dimensional effect. This approach enables background image move slower than the foreground image and mouse movement or page scrolling is used to animate elements or properties of the page. Parallax scrolling is really exciting and the reaction you get in the time of scrolling will make you feel like you are a part of that website.

Grid Layout

Grid design develops a user experience that is great for tangible product based websites. Such websites have a well structured layout which creates a user-friendly navigation.  This method of designing is also known as Modular design. One of its important features is that it is responsive-friendly and visually appealing on any screen size. It is not completely a fresh design method, but the launch of responsive web design has made it even more popular. Modular design can make wonders for websites if they are meant to be responsive.

Ghost Buttons

Ghost buttons are becoming another successful trend in web design. These are transparent buttons with basic shapes, very thin outline and texts in sans-serif font. They are transparent like phantoms but immediately grab user’s attention and that is why it got that name. Ghost buttons are considerably larger than traditional buttons and if they are arranged with a be-fitting background colour, it will become the prime focus of that page.

One Page Web Design

Another newest and hottest trend in web design is to create a one-page website. It is really helpful for small business since in traditional way they have to fill ten pages with content. In such websites if there is no useful content in each page, viewers will think that they are lacking business or not very competent. This is where one page design can really shine. Moreover the ‘simplicity ‘factor makes this design approach more successful.

Split Screens

The split screen through vertical divide is yet another trend in web design where the page is divided vertically into two halves and uses contrasting colours. There are different reasons for applying this design method. The first is that the design has to display two principal features with the same significance. Second thing is that the design has to communicate a vital duality. For example if one organization want to convey the fact that proficiency and knowledge are their core strength, split screen is the suitable way to present.

Modern web is a thrilling environment to work with due to the use of a large variety of layouts. We must go through wide range of possibilities when we think about web design. By reviewing the current fads in web design you can evaluate why they’re successful and try to bring their value in your own work. Follow these trends, think beyond limitations, and try to develop your own signature in the field of web design. Web design is a long journey and there’s always more to learn.

This is the Right Time, Start doing……
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Web Design


Friday, 7 August 2015
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The Gimmick Of An E-Commerce Portal Development

E-Commerce is an Electronic commerce as the term itself explains that buying and selling of products and services can be done online through internet or computer networks, Website is the most important point from where one can display his product/services and then can target the customers or prospects through communicating them.

E-commerce sites help you to enter into the world of opportunity that gives the ability to reach a million potential customers, business associates and manufacturers, promotion of your can be done through online bringing customer traffic to your website, You can take orders from anywhere and let your customers shop.

For your website to become a massive hit, the e-commerce portal development must be left in the hands of professionals, the website should be very attractive so that it can bring on traffic to your site and it should be designed in the way that it’s easy to understand, When designing the website, the corporate identity of the company should be factored in, this will help keep the customers at ease and know they are dealing with a reputable company. So make sure you leave that work to the right people but make sure they design it according to how you want it, you will be given an assurance that your customer will like what they see.

As any e-commerce website is completely for the consumers use thus it has to be highly user-friendly, the market of E-Commerce Development is rapidly growing nowadays especially in the Indian web development market, This owes to the superior intellectual capital of India that helps to lower the costs involved in the development of e-commerce websites and web portals, In the case of a business website, it is much easier to implement marketing strategies With the help of internet marketing tools like SEO and link building, you can easily make sure that more people visit your website.

It is always very important for you to understand what E commerce means and how it can contribute to your progress, a e-commerce portal that is well built and developed is always more than sufficient to cater to the needs of your target market, With a view to help you know more about what E commerce has to offer , portals are the open source on the Internet, They are always open to us from wide variety of sources or even from the internet users, They also offer a different kind of hosts at a single place, one must definitely set up a e-commerce portal for an online trade.
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Windows 10 is now available and it’s the final ever version of Windows. From this point on, Microsoft will cease major version releases and adopt the frequent update model — with new releases as often as several times per day — constantly iterating as the demands on the OS change.
Borrowing heavily from rivals — MacOS’ Mission Control is directly lifted — and previous versions of Windows — there’s a welcome return for the Start menu — Windows 10 ties many different ideas into a surprisingly usable package.
As well as a refined UI, Windows 10 introduces features that will have a lasting impact on web design, and the Web in general.

Microsoft missed the mobile revolution. Whilst its desktop OS is the most widely used across domestic, and business sectors, a Windows mobile is commonly the third choice (in some cases fourth) after Android and iOS.
There are of course people who think that Windows Mobile offers a better experience than its rivals, but the problem for Microsoft is that there aren’t very many of them.
Microsoft’s ill-fated acquisition of Nokia, which rapidly morphed into a tax write-off, was a distraction that left them not only failing to make headway, but actively losing ground. So they’ve taken the brave decision to leapfrog Android and iOS and ensure Windows 10 is the first fully responsive OS.
Windows 10 will run on all the hardware the company invests in, including mobile. The Verge reports that Microsoft’s new approach to mobile is to deliver a few high-end consumer devices. At least one will come this year. And it will run Windows 10.
Whilst this may mean we see more Windows mobiles in our analytics in future, that’s not the biggest device news; Windows 10 will also power Microsoft’s Xbox One console, bringing desktop browsing standards to our TVs. With Xbox One running a fully-fledged version of Edge, web designers will need to design for much larger HD screens, viewed at a greater distance than desktop and mobile, with new input methods.
Windows 10 may be designed to help Windows Mobile, but it’s the broadening of devices beyond mobile that will have the lasting impact.

Integrated closely with Window’s revived start menu is Microsoft’s personal assistant software, Cortana.
Cortana currently only works in some territories: the U.S., the U.K., China, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy. New countries will be added soon: Japan, Australia, Canada (in English), and India (in English). Later, support will be added for Brazil, Mexico, and Canada (in French).

The significance of Cortana is how we interact with it. When we search the Web by typing, we tend to search in short phrases, for example “web design blog”. However, when we search by speaking, we tend to ask longer, quantified questions, for example “Cortana, where can I find a good web design blog?”
SEO and content marketing has been moving away from keywords for some time, but the arrival of natural speech patterns in search queries, will make clear, quality content even more essential over the next few years.

Windows’ strength was always based on two key factors: budget, and the large choice of apps available (particularly business apps like Microsoft Office, and games).
The biggest weakness in Windows 10 is the lack of that app choice: Edge has almost no plugins available yet; the Windows store, an attempt to emulate Google and Apple’s success with app, music, TV, and movie downloads, is sparse. The big question is when, if at all, design software like the Affinity Suite, and Sketch 3, will become available on Windows.
The good news is that Windows 10’s rapid update approach makes it a surer bet than Windows 8. The increased security and stability means that software manufacturers may well look again at Windows versions of their offerings.
Windows 10 is likely to herald a return to the levels of choice that made it the most popular OS in the world. And more options, means greater competition, and greater innovation. That can only be a benefit, not just to Windows users, but to all web designers.

For the first time ever, Microsoft doesn’t have a single person working on the next version of Windows, because there isn’t one. Windows 10 is an ongoing service, continually being adapted and developed.

It’s an endorsement of the approach that Adobe have pioneered in the last couple of years, and it’s an indication of the direction all software is moving in.
The value of this for web designers — beyond the bug fixes and security updates for those using Windows — is that frequent updates will be normalized. Users persevering with legacy browsers will become less common, and support for up to date front-end technologies will grow.
Expect to see Edge skyrocket in your analytics, as IE finally winds up. That means the end of polyfills, a huge boost for SVG support, and the realistic prospect of a consistent experience over multiple browsers.

Windows 10 delivers on the promises that Windows 8 made: it’s a modern, functional OS that works well on touch screens, and will soon embrace mobile.
It’s a running joke that alternate versions of Windows are trash: ME, Vista, 8, were all dogs; XP, 7, and now 10, are great OSs. It’s fortuitous for the future of Microsoft, and for the Web as a whole, that they decided to stick on a version that you’ll actually want to use.
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