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Email subscribers have long been one of the most valuable categories of soft leads. With just a bit of push, they can certainly transition from leads to customers quickly, but the question of how to boost those email subscribers is a continual problem. Many have looked to social media outlets like Facebook to help generate those subscribers, but if you’re still having trouble bringing them in, is there really anything else you can do? Absolutely, and these tips can help.

Add an Email Sign-Up Tab to your Facebook Page: This may seem like a simple fix, but it’s one that your potential subscribers will appreciate. It’s easier than you think, too. There are a number of marketing platforms that will handle this for you, including choices like MailChimp and Campaign Monitor. If you don’t work with one of those, however, you can certainly custom build one into your page for less than you think.

Incentives Rule: Life is incentivized. If you get up and go to work, you get paid. If you work hard, you get a raise. Offering incentives, even at the simple level, really works. You could offer a free product, a discount, or even a promo item like a t-shirt or keychain. Think hard about what those potential customers might want, and then build out your promotion.

Hit Those Benefits Hard: If your post just says “Sign up for our email list today,” few people care. If your post says “Sign up for our email list today to get our monthly special offers and giveaways,” you’re going to get a far better response. People have to know why they should care before they actually do.

Think Contest: Everyone loves a good contest: The prize has to be sweet, and the sweeter the prize, the better your sign-up rate will be. Free iPads, concert tickets, sports tickets, or even a massive goodie basket will bring your inbox to a breaking point quickly.

The Power of Free: The wording of your propositions actually matters. The word “free” can have more power than you think. Of course, you never charge subscribers for your newsletter, but pushing that point may add to your list extensively.

Short, Sweet, and to the Point: If you’re trying to collect information from subscribers, this is not the place to do it. No one is going to want to complete a sign-up form that takes real time. Go for the name and email address, and then end it there.

Email subscribers actually matter, and you may want to test a few of these options to see which works best for you. The end will be a solid list you can turn to again and again for real sales growth.

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